Thursday, August 31, 2006

Checking in

Checking in
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I'm feeling like a school marm! Well actually not really that "marmish" but I am feeling like a teacher to Tanner. We've been doing school since the 22nd of August. I started early and with a very light schedule so I could sort of "feel" my way along and also to keep things on a very positive note for Tanner. So far so good. We've had some ups and downs which I expected, one VERY bad day and the rest have been pretty darn good for us. I am doing much reading in my spare time and learning so much. I'm actually enjoying myself and that surprises me.

I have not been doing art at all but hope to draw just a bit tonight. I do plan on doing some art next week when Tanner and I do a paper Mache project; we are going to make insects since we are doing a unit study of the critters. I'm looking forward to it and I hope he is. Oh, I just realized I can show our work here, what fun!

My other news is that Holly and Elton have left Chicago and moved back in with us. It's really sad in many ways because the reason for the move is Holly's poor health. They drove back without a clue that they would move home a month later but as soon as they got back to Chicago Holly got sicker and there were a few other issues too, like not being able to find a place to live near everything they needed and within their very tight budget. Holly had given it everything she had and was broken hearted to give up her scholarship and Elton gave up being the head of his class at Shimer. They are still adjusting since they've only been home a week. Elton did get his old job back here in Boise so that is at least a bright spot. They are researching schools on the west coast now and hope that they can start at new schools in January.

Hope all my LJ friends are doing great, I've not had time to read journals for a while so I feel very much out of touch.


Blogger Andrea said...

Lovely glasses!

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Imaginatoon said...

I also like this drawing. Great personality!

6:59 PM  

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